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Volbeat are a Danish rock band formed in 2001 in Copenhagen. They play a mix of rockabilly and roll, heavy metal and rock. Their existing line-up consists of vocalist and guitarist drummer Jon Larsen, guitarist Rob Caggiano, Michael Poulsen and bassist Kaspar Boye Larsen. The band is signed to Dutch label Mascot Records and has released six studio albums and one DVD. All their studio albums have been certified gold in Denmark. Their next album Rock the Rebel/Metal that the Devil received platinum status, and also their 2010 launch Beyond Hell/Above Heaven was subject to widespread international critical acclaim, receiving double platinum in Denmark, platinum in Finland and Germany, and gold from the United States, Sweden and Austria. Volbeat album entitled Seal Let's & the Deal Boogie was released worldwide on 3 June 2016.

Singer Michael Poulsen band was death metal action Dominus. In 2000, Poulsen became fed up inducing Dominus to break up. In 2001, Poulsen went on to form a new band with some friends and former Dominus members. This was the beginning of Volbeat.

The band name"Volbeat" was originated from Dominus's third record title, which was known as Vol.Beat (read as: Volume Beat). After selling 1,000 copies of their"Beat the Meat" demo cassette, Volbeat was signed to a recording deal by Rebel Monster Records, a sub-label of Mascot Records.

Volbeat released The Strength/The Sound/The Songs in 2005, their first record. The line-up for your record consisted of Michael Poulsen (vocals), Jon Larsen (drums), Franz Gottschalk (guitar) and Anders Kjølholm (bass). The album was a huge grumpynators success in Denmark achieving a spot at No. 18 in the charts. Critics were generally positive towards The Strength / The Sound / The Songs. The rock magazine RockHard gave it 10/10 at a review. The Strength / The Sound / The Songs also obtained a handful of awards, such as Best Album at the Metal Musik Awards in 2005. Volbeat was commended for its performances. Their concert at Roskilde Festival 2006 received a 6/6 stars review from the newspaper BT.

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